Hey hey Alibaba... what you cookin tonight?

What you got cookin ...up on Yost Van Dyke 

Ribs, chowder, beans and rice

All cooked up with the island spice  

Hey Alibaba.... what you cookin tonight?

Oh.. Alibaba... what’d you put in that pan?

Be back when it’s ready, tables in the sand

Bringing the music, got my guitar

Shakers and a bucket, rum in a jar

Oh... Alibaba... come on and join the band 

Oh Alibaba    sure fed us good tonight

Fine island food, cooked up just right

You got it all going.... who could ask for more

He sells seashells ...  by the seashore

Oh Alibaba ... sure fed us good tonight

Hey Alibaba  [A] %% to end

[D]%][A]%] x2  [E]%][D]%] [D][E][A]%]

© Tray EPPES 2015