Bamba Shack | Tray Eppes


-chorus- [C]%][G]%][D]%][G]%]

Let me take you to the Bamba Shack

Be long gone but we’ll be coming back.

It’s a trip and that’s a fact.

Let me take you to the Bamba shack

Taxi driver told me where to go

Just down the beach about a mile or so

They allow no video 

but there is more that you should know

It’s just a shack down by the sea

Rum punch and mushrooms are their specialty

There’s no place I’d rather be 

Come on and take a little walk with me


Every month they have a plan

A full moon party with a reggae band

Party all night and sleep in the sand

Come on down and talk to the Rasta man


Not far over Zion’s Hill 

If you want to find it I know that you will

If I wasn’t gone I’d be there still

A laid back psychedelic island thrill



The Bamba Shack is legendary with many of our island going friends and at least partially responsible for the laid back island vibe I wrote about in Koolrider.  Located on the island of Tortola, BVI, it was a stop over, after our first week of sailboat living.  Bamba is a cool old guy who has established and somewhat maintained a beach bar just over Zion’s Hill.  

© Tray EPPES 2015