Cookin with Fat | Tray Eppes

=intro= [E] x4

[E]x8 Yeah we’re cooking ….cooking with fat %=harp=%

[A]%] Some people are all infatuated with the polyunsaturated 

[E]%] Calling it brain food……… it’s all good

[F#][B] Come on my brother…

Lets put in another stick of butter…..[E]%]

[E]x8 Then we’ll be cooking…… cooking with fat %=harp=%

[A]x4 Got an appetite…….. better come home to eat

    You and me baby we’ll turn up the heat 

[E]x4 We’ll be cooking…. Cooking with fat

[F#][B]You want to make some biscuits but you think it’s so hard

[E]%] Get some self-rising flour, buttermilk and some lard 

[E] x8 And you’re cooking…… cooking with fat %=harp=%


[E]x8 Yeah we’ll be cooking…… cooking with fat    %=harp=%

[A]x4 The meat’s got marble …… the soup’s got shine

  Cooking with fat …. It taste so fine

[E]x4  When your cooking ….. cooking with fat

[F#][B] Come on my brother lets put in one more stick of butter

[E]         We’ll be cooking …. Cooking with fat…%=harp=%

      Yeah we’ll be cooking …. Cooking with fat…%=harp=%


“Cooking with Fat” could also be titled “Fun with Graziano’s”.

Years ago my friends Tommy and Dave Graziano had a cooking show on cable TV in Richmond Va. called “Cooking with Fat”.   I was a guest “eater” on the show where we drank wine while chief Dave Graziano cooked with fat and the Graziano brothers took phone in questions, all on air, live.   Yea, it was fun.

By my second visit to the Cooking with Fat Show I had composed the theme song and was performing it live at the beginning and end of the show and when going to commercial breaks.  I was very proud to be the Cooking with Fat Band.

This didn’t last very long but I did get a good song and fun memories.  

© Tray EPPES 2015