Mirror | Tray Eppes


I don’t know who you are….. but I know where you’ve been.

And when I look in the mirror….. you’ll be back again,   

I want to be a lover.  I want to be a friend. Until you show me how I guess, 

I’ll just pretend.


We just want to find what makes life real.  Reflections of a friend, wounds to heal.

=[EmDF#][G] x3  [CG][D]

I saw you there years ago, denying how you feel.

The days and dreams go by but don’t seem real

Familiar not far away, closeness I can feel

The scars and lines are earned, what they reveal.


Alive in the image, cold mirrored glass.  All there to see… the present and the past.


note:  this song was inspired by antihistamine cold medication and an adolescence experience of repressed emotions.  I’m better now thank you.  

© Tray EPPES 2015