Old Folks and Automobiles | Tray Eppes


[A] x 16   [E][F][D][E]%][A]%]%]%]

What’s that I see….. creeping up the road

Right down the middle…… driving real slow

There’s danger ahead ……and it’s not that far

There’s a senior citizen…… driving that car

I don’t want seem like I’m loosing my nerve 

but he stopped the car in the middle of the curve

Old folks driving automobiles

They drive on one side and then on the other

Signal one way then turn another

[D] Run a stop sign without even looking

[A] Force you off the road and then they keep on booking

They might see you coming then again they might not

You might have the right of way but that doesn’t mean a lot

Old folks driving automobiles  x2

Most can’t hear and the rest can’t see 

but they enjoy the open road and they are feeling free

[D]  Ask’em how they’re doing…. They’re fit as a fiddle

[A] While they’re taking their half right down the middle

I’ll be there sooner than I think

It’s like driving drunk without taking a drink

Old folks driving automobiles  x2

==[A] x4 [D] x2 [A]x2  [E][F][D][E]%][A]%]%]%]%]%]%]%]=

I’m not saying they all can’t drive.  My interest lies in just staying alive

So when your diving skills start to fail you

Don’t keep on driving……they just might nail ya

There’s 2 things that really make my tires squeal

It’s those old folks driving automobiles 

Old folks driving automobiles x4


This song needed to be written.   

It was actually co-written by the actions of an elderly neighbor named Russell Scruggs. When I first move to Darlington Heights there were quite a collection of old folks, most of them still driving.   I didn’t make it up.  I just made it rhyme.

© Tray EPPES 2015