1.   Bloodshot eyes in a rearview mirror

Hoping the road ahead may be a little bit clearer

Carrying dreams in a brown paper sack

Another wrong turn you may never get back

=[A][D]= x2

    2.  The girl next door promises a thrill

Everything can be fixed by taking a pill

Yet to wonder where's it's all gunna end

This road starts from where you begin.

-chorus- [D][A][E]%] Going your own road home

              Weaving in the fast lane, circling a big drain 

[D]..........Going home [A]

[E]%] The road is clear but can you get there from here?

=[A]x4 =

 3. Somethings are easier said, somethings are easier done

When it's all on fire........ it's easy to run

Watching things happen..... not wondering why

Better get a clue, may not get another try.

-chorus- [D][A][E]%] Going your own road home

Want crazy.... I’m writing the book   [D] Going home [A]

[E]%]  When the wheels come off.... time to take a look 

=[A][D]x4   [A]x4=

     4. We're all doing what we can, all we can do is try

I'm the one that's going to die, when it's time for me to die

Feeling separate...... the original sin…

but if you like where you can't regret where you been

-chorus- [D][A][E]%]

Going your own road home...Weaving in the fast lane circling the big drain…..

Want crazy I’m writing the book    

© Tray EPPES 2015