Suntans and Cigarettes | Tray Eppes

Get on your feet and go places.  People you see got fire in their faces.

Lay in the sun to show off its traces.  Go in at night to dark smoky spaces.

You sprung a trap that was set for you.  Now you’ll decide what to do.

Let’s got to the beach we’ll have a ball.   It’s really the place you can have it all.

Does that look good, how much is enough?  You can fry yourself with all that stuff.

The look is you ready to be seen.  Who put that picture in the magazine?

Now I’m breathing your exhalations.  That’s my concern not your pigmentation.

Suntans and cigarettes aren’t meant to last. 

You think they’re cool now but they’re fading fast.  

If looks could kill, is it worth dying?  It does appear you’re trying.

Suntans and cigarettes……….. You’ll live to regret.  

This song was played in C with a capo on the 2nd fret

=intro =[C][F][G][C]=

-verse- [C][FG][C][FG][Dm][G][Dm][G]

note:   The album is 10 songs and this is the encore.

Doesn’t Bill Gurley’s mandolin sound good?


© Tray EPPES 2015